First Things First: All performance is psychological

1. Brain scientists tell us our emotions are “hardwired” to reasoning and essential to psychological health and creativity (Wilson, 1998).  Clearly, emotional development is key to realistic thinking, creative insight and a healthy perspective.  Yet emotional development is not a priority of our education systems or our society itself.

2. Science also tells us all types of mental development: rational, emotional, social, aesthetic and spiritual, as in the human spirit, are dependent upon and shaped by social environments and cultures in which we are all immersed (Nisbett, 2009).

3. ANewCURE offers a process for orchestration and choreography of social environments and cultures focused on emotional development of individuals, organizations and communities, (as well as a whole city), in order to exhibit the expanded health and intelligence outcomes derived when emotional development becomes an integrated, “first things first” agenda item.

Community United to Reinvent Education provides a vision, strategy and plan for enlightened “self-transformation” of individuals, organizations and communities.  This means creating conditions for enhancement of our capacity for self discovery and comprehensive self development – physical (as in the senses), mental, emotional, social, aesthetic and spiritual – allowing us to grow into richer, more dimensional and authentic versions of ourselves, our organizations and communities.

This Vision embraces a plan for “intentional individual evolution” wherein organizational and community demonstration models are orchestrated to produce the new kind of empathetic, highly principled, self-disciplined and creative individuals, organizations and communities now require in an unfolding world of extraordinary social challenge and unrelenting change.

The Strategy for this effort is to offer a variety of opportunities that allow individuals and organizations to initiate, support and/or assist in the development of important demonstration models.

The Plan presented herein (see New Orleans Health Development Initiative: Toward a Learning Society) illuminates a process for transformation that seeks to attract participation on the premise that demonstration models will trigger a domino effect of individuals, organizations, communities and cities seeking to join a vision of Hope for the Future – that doesn’t leave anyone out, and actually makes everything work.

Emotional Development
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