Health and Intelligence Development Reinvention Process: Premise • Rationale • Invitation

Want social and economic success?  Nurture emotional intelligence.    Want Innovation?  Nurture creativity.    Want empathy and resilience?  Nurture psychological health.

Demonstration model building is an age old, foolproof process for change.  As well, there is widespread agreement that education is the route to a better world. But with forty-seven million Americans, one in seven of us, living in poverty, we have come to a point at which we can only consider our present education paradigm to be outdated.  It is time to demonstrate a new model of “education as comprehensive human development” or whole brain thinking – through introduction of a research verified “confluent management system design.” This confluent system design creates conditions for the interaction, integration and synthesis of cognition (thinking), affect (feeling) and behavior (action). Appropriately applied within classrooms, schools, organizations and communities  it creates conditions that nurture learning and growth toward the fully operational, authentic version of ourselves that is the birthright of each of us.  – ANewCURE

Premise and focus
It has been shown that the characteristics of the creative person and those of the psychologically healthy person are essentially the same – “with none in either category going in an opposite direction” (Maslow, 1971).  Further, the contemporary term emotional intelligence is in essence an up-to-date label for psychological health.  Thus strategies and processes appropriately designed to nurture emotional health, creativity or psychological well being will nurture development of all three.  Since there is nothing fundamentally different about a person who is emotionally healthy, creative and psychologically balanced, there is every reason to believe development of these highly desirable characteristics is simply the birthright of everyone..                                                                                                                                                                    
Rationale for a learning society
Research shows that as one grows in emotional intelligence (creativity / psychological health), one increasingly becomes a self-motivated, self directed, lifelong learner (Boyatzis, 2005), a self actualizing person with “a growth mindset.”  This integrated level of learning and growth provides increases in one’s intelligence and health: physical, mental, emotional, social, aesthetic and spiritual.  Thus, emergence as a self-motivated, self directed, life long learner is an optimal outcome for both the individual and society.   As we grow in emotional intelligence, creativity and psychological health, our appreciation and understanding of all aspects of life consistently grows – while simultaneously we become more valuable to all with whom we interact in family, school, work, community and society.

With this realization we can recognize how it is to our personal advantage to become engaged in our own comprehensive, life long learning and growth, and to encourage and support the growth of emotional intelligence, creativity and psychological health – that lead to self discovery and intentional self development – among all other persons as being in our individual self interest.  As any person grows in emotional intelligence, creativity and psychological health, that person increasingly becomes an asset to the community (or organization), rendering it richer, more dimensional and authentic,  and thus providing more benefit to all members.

Invitation to what we might do together  
You are an individual who can imagine the difference it would make if your organization, community or neighborhood were transformed in a way it could be categorized “a learning society,” and would like to find out more about how that might become a reality.  We are a network of people with resources, expertise and experience in how this is done, who are able to come together to advise on addressing such an effort, and offer design for the implementation process.  We would hope that after conversations with us you would become convinced such a transformation was not only possible but highly desirable, and envision how you and your organization or community group could lead the way for a whole city to be among the first to be labeled a 21st Century Urban Learning Society.


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Feb 22, 2011
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Pauline Van der Haer

Robbie, we are joined at the hip and didn’t know it! That is me, you and Pharon. I can see taking the first steps to create a model in our city in our wonderful little Walnut Hills community in cincinnati.


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