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The Big Picture: Intentional Evolution, A New Cure                                                                                                                                                                                Imagine what happens when cities, states and nations are reflective enough to discover the necessity to establish themselves as “learning societies.”  The relentlessly unfolding world of technological, economic and social change that will continue to characterize the 21st-century implicates the choice of learning society values as the only viable option in a democratic republic.

So the question becomes, may we now seek to set an example for the world to follow?  Is it time to provide a means for us each to discover our capacity to insightfully represent our own long term self interest?  Should we now re-design our cultural and social environments to produce conditions, characteristics, components and circumstances that do not leave this discovery to chance?

This is the one reliable strategy for growth and the constant reinvention required to sustain it – whether as an individual, organization, neighborhood, city, state, nation or planet.   To become more authentic, healthier and more dimensionally intelligent is to underwrite every other legitimate social and economic mandate.

Education Everywhere. For Everyone. All The Time.                                                                                                                                                                                This is the essential perspective of the learning society.  Its focus is on the concept that real learning and growth is the most exquisite of all human experience, and the emergence of all persons as self-motivated, self-directed, lifelong learners is the most valuable and rewarding goal for both each individual and society, a win – win.

Learning society values include realization of the interconnectedness and interdependence of each individual’s full complement of intelligence and health development categories: physical, mental, emotional, social, aesthetic and spiritual, as in the human spirit – as well as the interconnection and interdependence of all systems and people within each social whole.    The importance of this emerging realization cannot be overstated, and its wide spread acknowledgement should be expected to spawn “integrated whole person development” as the new basic building block of the future – within families, educational settings, organizations, communities and societies.

Intelligence and Health                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Research shows intelligence and health development outcomes are primarily products of social environments and cultures that can now be orchestrated to nurture intentional individual and group evolution through application of a “confluent social environment management model” derived from a confluent classroom management system.  A confluent classroom organizes conditions that nurture integrated, whole person development.  Application of a confluent management model produces a highly creative and psychologically alluring social environment entirely in synch with the brain’s self-organizing impulse and our so-called, “higher” human needs –  for a sense of belonging, respect for our dignity and a sense of meaning and purpose in life.

This confluence within the individual delivers a more authentic and fully operational version of each person’s intelligence and health development possibilities, thus nurturing emergence of the more evolved, “whole new type of person” both A.H. Maslow (1971), and Jonas Salk (1984) predicted to be required for intelligent navigation of the twenty-first century.

In order to enable transit toward learning society status in the most accommodating manner, facilitation in orchestration and choreography of demonstration model organizations and communities, as well as a “whole city plan,” is offered by Community United to Reinvent Education (CURE).  This facilitation package, an amalgamation of research proven components and a successful five year, on-the-ground neighborhood “self development” effort brings together proven strategies and people with decades of experience in human development, organization theory and community health and intelligence development.

For an in-depth conversation on ANewCURE’s offer to facilitate  development of a transformation plan for your neighborhood, community, school or organization, please contact us at

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